We are building an interdisciplinary research team and seeking scholars from diverse academic backgrounds including polymer materials, energy storage, additive manufacturing, organic synthesis, and engineering. The training goal for group members is to develop technical skills and general skills to be successful in academia and industry. 

If you are interested in joining the group please contact Yue via email with a description of your interests and a copy of your resume.

Open positions:

Postdoctoral researchers: We currently have 3 openings for candidates with energy storage background, and 2 openings for candidates with background in soft robotics or polymer additive manufacturing. Interested individuals in other fields are also encouraged to apply if you think you are a good fit to the team.

Graduate students: We currently have 3 openings for MS students with background in polymer science, chemistry, material science, mechanical engineering, and other related fields. Students will collaboratively work with expert groups in China and the US, as well as have the chance to study overseas as visiting students. 

Undergraduate students: Undergraduates at Fudan University are welcomed to participate in our research.

Contact information:

Yue Gao

State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers 

and Department of Macromolecular Science
Fudan University

Shanghai 200438, China

Office: B6077 Chemistry-Macromolecular Science Building
Email: yuegao@fudan.edu.cn